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Our Shoe and Boot Deliverys now using Zero Carbon

Our Shoe and Boot Deliverys now using Zero Carbon

We are pleased to anounce all our deliverys of our shoes including Dealer boots, Loake and Ariats using Interlink are now Zero Carbon.

Introducing: The Total Zero Principle

Total Zero is the new carbon neutrality commitment from express parcel company Interlink Express.

Through Total Zero, Interlink Express will ensure that every parcel sent via its network will be carbon neutral - and at no extra cost to the customer.

Carbon neutral parcel shipping globally

Interlink Express takes it environmental responsibility seriously. Under the Responsibility programme,Interlink Express is committed to reducing the impact of the business on the planet.

As a express parcel company, Interlink Express has identified that CO2 reduction is the greatest challenge the company faces, as well as its best opportunity to make a difference.

Total Zero: The carbon neutrality commitment

Total Zero ensures that parcels of all weights, sizes and types are shipped to any corner of the globe at no cost to the environment - an initiative that has received industry recognition and support.

Total Zero's carbon neutral offering applies to shipments to all countries and cities - the commitment applies to each and every delivery made through Interlink Express.

As a leading player in the parcels sector, Interlink Express will offset the carbon generated in its five biggest markets through partnering with a strong credible partner - CDC Climat - and implementing a number of innovative insetting initiatives that will collectively help reduce CO2 emissions.

CDC Climat has been selected as Interlink Express's offsetting partner based on shared common values and the organisation's expertise and reputation in carbon reduction and offsetting.

While an industry initiative for the parcels industry, Total Zero will not change the day to day way in which the Interlink Express business operates in any way.

Total Zero: Designed to lower the company's CO2 output


Interlink Express takes its obligation to the environment and the economic and social needs of its customers seriously - all three factors have been instrumental in driving the introduction of Total Zero.

Interlink Express's commitment to apply carbon neutral delivery to all parcels will help customers ensure their business decisions are in keeping with their own sustainability values.

As a leading player in the parcels sector, Interlink Express is providing customers with the best possible offering from a cost, service and sustainability point of view.

Interlink Express transports almost all of its parcels via road services, which produces up to eight times less CO2 than air transport.

Interlink Express has been examining its carbon footprint for some time and Total Zero has been developed on the back of these examinations.

Interlink Express's Responsibility strategy - which centres on people, planet and community - is fully embedded into all of its operations and Total Zero is an extension of this commitment.

Interlink Express adopts the values of parent company La Poste (the French mail service) and is focused on environmental sustainability in all facets of its business. Interlink Express works with sister company GeoPost to develop and share ideas that contribute to more efficient delivery of services and environmental commitment.

total Zero: The best opportunity to make a difference

Valuable insetting initiatives incorporated into the Interlink Express business provide an opportunity for Interlink Express to take a leading role in the parcels industry, and to add real value from an environmental and social perspective.

Interlink Express's insetting initiatives demonstrate that it is genuinely committed to reducing its carbon output.

Improving and optimising its road network is a constant priority for Interlink Express and is at the heart of all its operations.

Interlink Express is constantly seeking out ways which it can and reduce its carbon footprint year on year and Total Zero, available from June 2012, is the solution for this.

The more Interlink Express insets within its own business the less C02 it will need to offset - a sign of the company's genuine commitment to environmental sustainability.

Interlink Express co-operates with leading players cross-industry to identify avenues for the development of more sustainable business practices - that benefit not only Interlink Express but various sectors.

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